Pasadena book event at Vroman's June 2007
(31 pictures, last updated on 07/09/2007)

Hair check with Hillary
Dr. Ricki Robinson, an old friend...
Jane & Portia with dinosaur
Talking about our husbands...
Speaking of which - where IS Shestack...?
A great crowd!
Jane & Portia posing with the book!
Shestack warms up the crowd
Portia introduces Jane Kaczmeric
Jane & Portia starting...
Jane speaking
Jane reading from Strange Son
Portia reading
Miriam listening - not!
Exhuberant Vroman
More signing...
Clara le poseur
Jon Shestack talks with a guest
Even more signing...
Jane and Jon
Portia with Gabriel & Miriam
Hillary hangs with us to the bitter end
Signing away - we love it!
Therese & Clara - two of my favorite people!
One last photo op!
A favorite guest: Dov!
Talking with Dov
Dov communicating with me

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