Families with so-called 'low-functioning' kids need a place to get together and help each other...

It has been 30 hours since Lisa Jo Rudy posted about the Strange Son Community on About.com and in that time 30 families have signed up to join! We are a new online social network that connects people who have a family member or works with someone on the more severely effected end of the autism spectrum (nonverbal or low-communicating).

​As our children grow older and may not seem to respond to many interventions we may understandably feel increasingly discouraged and isolated. We need and deserve a safe, supportive and most of all a hopeful community forum where we can help each other and learn from one another. The new Strange Son online community is a place to share therapeutic strategies and resources, to ask for help and tell our stories. It is a community where hope remains alive and well for our families.

​I believe that many low-communicating and nonverbal people with autism have far greater cognitive ability and potential than is generally recognized. My own son Dov, who is nonverbal, did not communicate until he was nine years old!

​Best wishes, -Portia

​To read about the Strange Son Community on About.com click here:

Posted on 04/04/2007 at 10:39:22

The Descartes Community is an online social networking site for sharing information about helping non-verbal and "low-communicating" individuals with autism to communicate better.

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