My comments related to the review of Strange Son and Born on a Blue Day on Slate.com:

Dear Friends,
​Strange Son and Born on a Blue Day were reviewed on Slate.com this past week! Click on the link below to read the article.

​Dov and I have been reading Born on a Blue Day and it is an amazing book, very worthwhile reading. I appreciate Daniel Tammet’s honesty and his attention to detail in describing his perception and revealing his cognitive style. Most of all I appreciate the time and effort he devoted to writing this book that allows us to glimpse into his personal life and the inner workings of his mind. The review on slate.com focuses on the notion of trying to understand the consciousness and experience of another person, and specifically that of someone whose experience and perception of the world may be quite different from our own.

​To do this we must first let go of our set ideas about the meaning of behavior and our rigid demands as to what we will accept as language and communication. This will require a radical overhaul of our own expectations of personal interactions.

​Here’s what makes it a lot easier: there are universal human drives that unite us all - the desire to be understood and appreciated, to be loved and acknowledged, to have friends who care about us, to have an impact on our environment and on the people around us. If we can accept that these drives are just as intact in a person whose outward behaviors may sometimes suggest otherwise, or a person who cannot speak or a person who has difficulties with social interactions -- we will have a better chance to know the minds and hearts of people who are on the autism spectrum, in some cases people we love and whom we may not know as well as we’d like to – yet.

​Best wishes, -Portia

​click here​ to read it.

Posted on 03/30/2007 at 23:56:46

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