4 out of 5 families affected with autism in Philadelphia today.

4 out of 5 families affected with autism in Philadelphia today.

​This morning I had an interview at WPVI ABC, Channel 6, here in Philadelphia for their new internet �Coffee Shop'. (See link below). There were four people involved in the interview, a producer, the health news editor, a cameraman and a sound technician.

​At the end of the interview, the sound technician stepped into the glaring lights of the studio, to shake my hand and tell me that he also has a child with autism. Suddenly another voice came from the shadows behind the camera control panel and the cameraman stepped forward to say that he too has a child with autism. Later that day when I called the station to get their web address, the producer told me that she also has a family member with autism.

​So as of today here in Philadelphia, at WPIV ABC, Channel 6, in a room with five people, four out of five have a family member with autism.

​Check this site tomorrow or the next day to see the interview:
​Click here:

Posted on 02/26/2007 at 10:06:14

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