The Manual!

Dear friends,
​Well here it is – finally. The Footnotes are missing and it needs some graphical tweaking but I thought I should get it up on the site as soon as possible even if imperfect. It took a long time to write and to get feedback and even now it is very much a work in progress. I hope it will be helpful and that you will send your comments and feedback and contribute the new things you learn and discover to be incorporated into the Manual as it evolves over time. Most of all: PLEASE SHARE YOUR VIDEOS!

​Please share your videos as you get started (and upload video from before you started, AKA “Baseline videos”). And anyone who is already using this kind of method - please share your progress with the Community by uploading your videos! Everyone needs the inspiration to keep up their spirits and to believe that their kid will be able to do it!

​We are at the beginning of a new era for our nonverbal and low-communicating children and it is up to us to observe, try things and to record and share everything we learn with each other. It is my greatest hope that we will change the way the world sees our children and open up a new life of possibilities for them through their ever-improving ability to communicate.

​Last but not least, the paperback version of ‘Strange Son’ came out today. There is an Appendix in the paperback that consists of a scaled down version of the manual (because it wasn’t really ready at the deadline for submission last spring).

​I am currently in Washington DC – Congress mandated that the Department of Defense fund autism research and I was selected as a “Consumer Reviewer”, that means I read the grants, write reviews and participate in the grant review meeting to weigh in on what should be funded. On Monday I will be at the Autism Speaks grant review meeting in Philadelphia doing the same thing and then I am going to Cold Spring Harbor to try to learn more about the new “copy variation” (genetic) findings in autism.

​Best wishes to you all and please keep me posted, -Portia

​PS Because it will be updated frequently, please be sure to watch for new, updated versions of the Manual. You’ll find it to the left, under “Portia’s thoughts on pointing”.

Posted on 11/06/2007 at 18:12:55

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