Summer Institute 2007 – Communicating Through the Arts - hoping to hear from some of you...

​Last week Dov, my sister Sarah and Karen (Dov’s one-on-one aide at school) went to New York to attend the ‘Summer Institute 2007 – Communicating Through the Arts”, sponsored by the Facilitated Communication Institute of Syracuse University.
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​I have been hearing good reports from people who have attended this week-long workshop for the past couple years and I have always wanted to check it out but there has always been unavoidable scheduling conflicts. This summer was no exception but happily, Dov was able to attend along with my sister and Karen.

​While there, they met up with several people we know who have kids who communicate by pointing and typing. Some parents/kids learned RPM from Soma, some learned through FC training and some are self-taught. I am hoping some of our members who attended (Linda, Toby, Sharon and my sister Sarah – no pressure Sis!) might be so kind as to give us some feedback here on the Forum.

​Dov just got back to LA and I am still out of town but I spoke with him on the phone tonight and he said he had a great time. He had written a few sentences for me on his LightWriter and when I called he pushed the “talk” button so I could here what he had to say. I also got a few reports during the past week from Sarah and Karen and it sounded fantastic! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it from Dov, Sarah and Karen when I get home (pictures too!) and from any of our own members who attended, here on the forum. Here's a picture of Sarah and Dov.

​Best wishes, -Portia

Posted on 07/22/2007 at 03:52:29

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