A little story of inspiration from my trip to Houston...

Hello friends,
​I was in Houston recently where I gave a talk, visited a school and had a book-signing event. The very best part of my trip happened at the book-signing event where I met a mom named Julie who told me an amazing story. She had taken her son to see Soma and he had begun to communicate by pointing on a letter board with Soma. But once they were back home, it seemed impossible to get her son to point again. But that didn’t stop this determined mom from trying for the next year. One day as they were watching a video together, Julie handed her son the letter board and tried yet again to get him to point as he had at Soma’s. “What are were watching?” She asked. He pointed to the letter ‘C”. “No.” She sighed. “We’re watching a movie. M is for movie.” She was waiting patiently, holding up the board in front of him, when to her astonishment he spelled out: “Care Bears.” Which was the very movie they were watching. I love that story! You can see a photo of Julie and me in Houston below.

​Meanwhile I just returned from Cold Spring Harbor New York last night and I will write more about that in the next few days. We are still working on getting our video blog feature up and running so you can upload video directly to the community site. We will be calling for people to submit “baseline videos” soon – so go ahead and start shooting footage of how your child communicates right now. We’ll be posting more about this in the coming week. The “how-to” document is done and out for review and Meesh will be laying it out next week. I hope to be able to post it by the mid-July.

​Best wishes to all, -Portia

Posted on 06/23/2007 at 17:18:13

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